Stonington Education Fund

About Us


The Stonington Education Fund (“SEF”) was founded in 1995 around a kitchen table by a small group of concerned parents who were seeking ways to provide more innovations and challenging programs for all children in the Stonington school district without adding any tax burdens for property owners.

The foundation allows individuals, families, businesses, and corporations to make fully tax-deductible donations to benefit public school students.

As the SEF has evolved, it now funds primarily two types of grants. One being teacher Mini-Grants that are applied for in the fall and approved by the Career Incentive Committee within the school district.

A Mini-Grant is usually of less than $500 and encompasses a classroom innovative teaching project. The SEF annually commits $5000 to fund Mini-Grants.

The second type of grants the SEF funds is the “Apple Grant”. Teachers apply directly to the SEF for funding of academic or technological improvements, for example, of an amount greater than $500. The request of this type of grant must be of an academically enriching nature, engaging, creative, innovative. The SEF supports academics, technology, music, arts, and athletics.

Since 1995, the SEF has granted a total of roughly $400,000, including almost $52,000 in Mini-Grants. Consider the positive impact this has had on Stonington’s students over the years! It is solely due to the generosity of our donors that the SEF has been able to provide money for learning opportunities our students would not otherwise have had.